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Custom Deck Builder Austin TX

The design of any outdoor space is every bit as important as a home’s interior layout. Just as walls, ceilings, and flooring define indoor spaces, outdoor living areas also require similar definitions. Your backyard is an extension of your home, so why not incorporate this versatile area by designing beautiful outdoor living spaces like a concrete patio, custom wood deck, or outdoor kitchen to spend some quality time with your family and greatly increase the value of your home. A home is a place of comfort and relaxation. Many homeowners are now taking to the outdoors and making this space an extension of the dream home they’ve always wanted.
The ability to spend weekends and vacations in your own personal “mini resort” adds value to new homes and offers endless possibilities for upgrading existing homes. When the sun is shining and the summer breezes are blowing, it’s difficult to resist the call to just hang out and relax outdoors. There is something about cooking on an outdoor kitchen underneath a custom pergola that brings everyone together, more than the idea of standing around inside a kitchen indoors. Don’t stare longingly out the windows this summer, enjoy the outdoors on a new custom deck or outdoor patio. At Mr. Patch and Repairs we incorporate your ideas and to the overall design of your home to create the perfect outdoor oasis. Our goal is to not only increase the value of your home, but help bring the family together!

Patio Builder Austin TX

Custom built decks are among the most popular home improvement projects, adding value to the home without tearing down the walls is a fantasy many homeowners entertain. The perfect custom deck is a great extension to your home that not only increases the value of your home, but increases the quality time spent with your family and friends. No matter which style of deck or which material you choose, the finished product will be reliable, safe, and beautiful. We provide our clients with a peace of mind that is second to none. We understand when it comes to locating a deck contractor that the choices are endless, so we make sure that when our designers meet with you its one on one to listen to your wants and needs. Not only does this identify what you are looking for, it helps us identify what type of lifestyle your looking to accommodate.

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Let's be honest who doesn't love letting loose, or hanging out with friends and family on a patio type evening? At Mr. Patch and Repairs we like to think we are creating a lifestyle away from the phones and television, to bring out the joy of socializing under the light of the stars! Whether it be a cookout on the patio with a beautiful wooden patio cover to shade you from the sun or a wood deck to give you the feeling of vacation to step away from the real life. 

For homeowners these days it is essential to have your home decked out with patios or patio covers in Austin TX. A lot of home builders are incorporating outdoor living spaces into their home designs because of the high demand that has been increasing over the years. Families need a way to relax in the great outdoors or an area to entertain friends and family and what better place than a patio underneath a patio cover to ensure the weather doesn’t ruin any get together planned. Also with the way that the heat is around Austin in the summer it is imperative to have a nice patio cover to supply shade when you are out doing yard work, or for any pets you have that are out in your backyard.

Austin Pergolas and Patio Covers Contractor

Patio covers in Austin have a purpose but also bring an extra value to a home if you ever planned on selling it. A lot of people look for homes that have a nice outdoor living space when buying a home. With Mr. Patch and Repairs we understand the important role that backyard designs have taken on, and have been perfecting our craft over the years designing gorgeous patios covers in Austin and pergolas in Austin. When you think about it from an investment stand point, what is holding you back? The value of life you will have from entertaining friends and family is priceless and the extra value it brings to your home is apparent with the new homes all having outdoor living in Austin.
Patio covers in Austin aren't just made of solid wood either they come in a variety of styles and we encourage our clients to treat the design of their outdoor living space as they wood their interior design. We love building multi material patio covers in Austin, such as wood beams with an aluminum roof patio covers, or synthetic concrete beams holding a wooden roof. You come up with an idea of what you would like and we can design your dream patio and patio cover in Austin for you today. We offer free estimate for our patio covers in the greater Houston area, and we build gorgeous patios as well if you are looking to get an overall outdoor living design. 
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